Diary 浅見帆帆子の日々

August 2014


 目的は、世界に愛を広めること。 ダウンロードはこちら http://www.amazon.com/     



  To our foreign readers

  This book was written in 2001 by a then unknown 24-year-old Japanese female author as one of her earliest works. Its   
  reputation spread by word of mouth, eventually making it a long seller.

  The reason why we have decided to turn this book into an e-book is that several million Asian readers have praised the  
  book, saying that it helped them a great deal, and changed their lives for the better. Furthermore, many readers shared 
  this sentiment, and wanted to join the movement of spreading the message of the book. Consequently, we decided to
  publish an e-book version. We then decided to use crowd funding* as a means of raising the funds for our e-book
  project. Since people are able to join the movement through Internet financing from the comfort of their homes, a
  considerable amount of money was collected in just 2 months.
  We would like to take this special opportunity to acknowledge the kind assistance and support of those people who have
  helped us, and express our heart-felt gratitude by listing their names at the end of the book.

  In other words, each and every reader of this book has played an important role in realizing this project, and this e-book 
  version has been completed thanks to the precious support of all the people concerned, people who have shared the joy
  and happiness of taking part in the project and thereby being recognized by society.

  Our mission is to spread love all over the world through this book. We are keenly aware of the fact that even a single
  person can change the world if we join hands and create momentum.

  We have been operating a Facebook site entitled “Hohotomo in the World!” at the URL below::
  We cordially invite you to sign up and join us!

  In concluding, we all look forward to seeing our foreign readers from all over the world in the near future.

  Hiromi Ando
  Representative Hohoko Asami Project: “Spread love all over the world!”

  *Crowd funding is the practice of funding a project or initiative by raising money from a large number of people, typically
  via the Internet.




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